Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What have I gotten myself into...

So, friend guy who convinced me to go to the dance? No longer just a friend. Now I have a date, and a dress (the shopping for which actually wasn't too traumatic, and even though I gave my friend a hard time I appreciated her help), and shoes, which are heels, which I will fall over in many, many times. And it doesn't help that they hurt like a bitch. When I told my friend as much, she said "that means they fit, get them".

Luckily, boyfriend (?) guy (not quite sure what we are yet) has graciously accepted being put on "catch Michelle when she starts to fall over" duty. Because he's awesome. We're in for a crazy relationship, because half our conversations consist entirely of verbal sparring, and when we're not fighting each other we'll probably be taking over the world, but he's sweet.

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