Saturday, February 28, 2009


So semi formal last night went great. It was your typical high school dance, they played generic rap/pop most of the time, there were a few couples grinding in the middle and everyone else just kind of moved awkwardly. They only played two slow songs, though. It's understandable because when one comes on 95% of the single people there leave the room in droves, but still. The first one was still a little awkward, which means me and my date only really got one dance :( It was a great dance, though. And a cute girl called me sexy :D

But whoever invented heels should be shot. Shot, dismembered, lit on fire, reincarnated, then stabbed to death with a spork. Starting with the fleshy areas. I barely made it from the school to the car, my feet hurt so much by the end of the night. And I'm pretty sure I got felt up in the crowd trying to get to coat check. But other than that, there was awesomeness abound.

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