Thursday, April 30, 2009

Got the Blues...

So my boyfriend (a.k.a. my muse/Alpha Nerd/Geek-boy/cuddlemonster) is 5 hours away for the next few days at a conference, and I miss him SO much already even though he only left yesterday. And brooding and listening to depressing music isn't working like it did when he went to Greece for a week. :(

I've been feeling really confrontational as well. I almost got into a fight yesterday afternoon (in the middle of physics class, no less) after he left.

Aaaand my brother's failing history so now my mom is yelling at him because he won't graduate if he doesn't pass the course. Fun times. I hate this house sometimes.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Okay, so the beau and I are gonna go shoot some pool tomorrow, and since I live really close I invited him over for dinner after because he was planning to buy food there and it's ridiculously expensive ($5 for fries???) and I couldn't let him do that. But what totally slipped my mind is that there are other people in this house so it'll involve him meeting the fam. Joy. My younger brother may or may not sit on his head, my older brother's bound to be in some mood or another, and my mom is going all clean nazi on us like she does every time anyone comes near the house. I make bad decisions.

Monday, March 9, 2009


And my life was so wonderfully drama-free :(

So the whole relationship deal has brought about a couple complications. The first was when my best friend (a guy) started acting kind of strange shortly after my boyfriend and I started dating. Our first guess that neither of us really wanted to consider was jealousy, whether of my boyfriend specifically or just the fact that two of his friends were in a relationship and he wasn't. After some fighting and some alienation between me and my best friend, my boyfriend stepped in and talked to him about it, convinced him it wasn't worth ruining his friendship with me over, and got us to make up. Things are still a little uneasy, I guess, but we're both past the bad-moodiness that arose from the situation.

That being oh-so-recently solved (and to think, last night I thought to myself "there. Drama gone, everyone happy, life good."), today cute girl who called me sexy at the dance? Came up and started yelling at me for not telling her I was dating someone. She brought up having called me sexy and having danced with me while he was right there, which is kind of making me wonder. Mostly because I was already wondering about all that while she was doing it considering she knew I'm into girls, but having assumed she knew I had a boyfriend, I figured she was just really cool about it. But today she seemed almost hurt at one point, and me being my inquisitive self, I'm kind of wondering whether it's more than just her being hurt that I didn't tell her (which, in my defence, was because we don't really know each other all that well or talk to each other all that much and I wasn't exactly running down the halls announcing it to everyone). And now I'm confused in so many ways.

And so continues the drama. This had better not keep up or I'm becoming a hermit.

Saturday, February 28, 2009


So semi formal last night went great. It was your typical high school dance, they played generic rap/pop most of the time, there were a few couples grinding in the middle and everyone else just kind of moved awkwardly. They only played two slow songs, though. It's understandable because when one comes on 95% of the single people there leave the room in droves, but still. The first one was still a little awkward, which means me and my date only really got one dance :( It was a great dance, though. And a cute girl called me sexy :D

But whoever invented heels should be shot. Shot, dismembered, lit on fire, reincarnated, then stabbed to death with a spork. Starting with the fleshy areas. I barely made it from the school to the car, my feet hurt so much by the end of the night. And I'm pretty sure I got felt up in the crowd trying to get to coat check. But other than that, there was awesomeness abound.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What have I gotten myself into...

So, friend guy who convinced me to go to the dance? No longer just a friend. Now I have a date, and a dress (the shopping for which actually wasn't too traumatic, and even though I gave my friend a hard time I appreciated her help), and shoes, which are heels, which I will fall over in many, many times. And it doesn't help that they hurt like a bitch. When I told my friend as much, she said "that means they fit, get them".

Luckily, boyfriend (?) guy (not quite sure what we are yet) has graciously accepted being put on "catch Michelle when she starts to fall over" duty. Because he's awesome. We're in for a crazy relationship, because half our conversations consist entirely of verbal sparring, and when we're not fighting each other we'll probably be taking over the world, but he's sweet.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Damn it...

I've been bullied into going to semi formal. Yesterday morning my friend jokingly suggested I go, and then during lunch another friend (a term I'm starting to question where he's concerned...) decided to bring the subject back up. Anyway, those two and another friend decided to start getting on my case about it. A lot. The first friend, her pestering wasn't really that effective considering it was making me want to not go just to spite her. The second guy was just pissing me off. The third guy, however, managed to rise above their shortcomings.

He was all puppy dog eyes and "you should go" and making me feel all wanted and crap. It was settled when he left for a minute and handed me a ticket to the dance when he got back. And now I'm scheduled for a shopping trip (*insert revolted shudder here*) with the first friend. Which will probably involve some talking. Which will probably lead to friend #3 and the so-called "sexual tension" between us (yesterday we said something about how we were talking to each other on MSN on Valentine's day and ended up insulting each other the whole time, and one guy said "maybe it's because of all the sexual tension between you two". Needless to say, everyone burst out laughing and I almost choked on a bite of apple. It's especially annoying because that little observation was pretty much the only thing he said for the whole lunch break).

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Warm fuzzies

So today I kinda sorta came out to an...acquaintance, I guess...of mine. She knows I'm romantically interested in a girl, so she's probably assumed I'm gay, I suppose, but whatever. She'll probably try to use the information against me in the war over my middle name me and a friend of mine (who happens to be very close friends with this acquaintance) are in, but I really couldn't care less if anyone finds out and the girl already knows. So it's all good, because I think I threw her off guard by just coming out and telling her when she asked me who I have a crush on, and because she just replied "cool" without missing a beat and went along with her business (she'd only stopped to pump me for information, anyway*), which gave me warm fuzzies. I'm now seriously considering coming out to my friends one at a time just to make sure I prolong the people-are-okay-with-me-not-being-straight warm fuzzies as long as possible.

*Uh oh, naughty mental images of her pumping me for other things. Yes, the itch is still there...