Sunday, March 15, 2009


Okay, so the beau and I are gonna go shoot some pool tomorrow, and since I live really close I invited him over for dinner after because he was planning to buy food there and it's ridiculously expensive ($5 for fries???) and I couldn't let him do that. But what totally slipped my mind is that there are other people in this house so it'll involve him meeting the fam. Joy. My younger brother may or may not sit on his head, my older brother's bound to be in some mood or another, and my mom is going all clean nazi on us like she does every time anyone comes near the house. I make bad decisions.

Monday, March 9, 2009


And my life was so wonderfully drama-free :(

So the whole relationship deal has brought about a couple complications. The first was when my best friend (a guy) started acting kind of strange shortly after my boyfriend and I started dating. Our first guess that neither of us really wanted to consider was jealousy, whether of my boyfriend specifically or just the fact that two of his friends were in a relationship and he wasn't. After some fighting and some alienation between me and my best friend, my boyfriend stepped in and talked to him about it, convinced him it wasn't worth ruining his friendship with me over, and got us to make up. Things are still a little uneasy, I guess, but we're both past the bad-moodiness that arose from the situation.

That being oh-so-recently solved (and to think, last night I thought to myself "there. Drama gone, everyone happy, life good."), today cute girl who called me sexy at the dance? Came up and started yelling at me for not telling her I was dating someone. She brought up having called me sexy and having danced with me while he was right there, which is kind of making me wonder. Mostly because I was already wondering about all that while she was doing it considering she knew I'm into girls, but having assumed she knew I had a boyfriend, I figured she was just really cool about it. But today she seemed almost hurt at one point, and me being my inquisitive self, I'm kind of wondering whether it's more than just her being hurt that I didn't tell her (which, in my defence, was because we don't really know each other all that well or talk to each other all that much and I wasn't exactly running down the halls announcing it to everyone). And now I'm confused in so many ways.

And so continues the drama. This had better not keep up or I'm becoming a hermit.