Friday, February 20, 2009

Damn it...

I've been bullied into going to semi formal. Yesterday morning my friend jokingly suggested I go, and then during lunch another friend (a term I'm starting to question where he's concerned...) decided to bring the subject back up. Anyway, those two and another friend decided to start getting on my case about it. A lot. The first friend, her pestering wasn't really that effective considering it was making me want to not go just to spite her. The second guy was just pissing me off. The third guy, however, managed to rise above their shortcomings.

He was all puppy dog eyes and "you should go" and making me feel all wanted and crap. It was settled when he left for a minute and handed me a ticket to the dance when he got back. And now I'm scheduled for a shopping trip (*insert revolted shudder here*) with the first friend. Which will probably involve some talking. Which will probably lead to friend #3 and the so-called "sexual tension" between us (yesterday we said something about how we were talking to each other on MSN on Valentine's day and ended up insulting each other the whole time, and one guy said "maybe it's because of all the sexual tension between you two". Needless to say, everyone burst out laughing and I almost choked on a bite of apple. It's especially annoying because that little observation was pretty much the only thing he said for the whole lunch break).

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