Thursday, February 12, 2009

Warm fuzzies

So today I kinda sorta came out to an...acquaintance, I guess...of mine. She knows I'm romantically interested in a girl, so she's probably assumed I'm gay, I suppose, but whatever. She'll probably try to use the information against me in the war over my middle name me and a friend of mine (who happens to be very close friends with this acquaintance) are in, but I really couldn't care less if anyone finds out and the girl already knows. So it's all good, because I think I threw her off guard by just coming out and telling her when she asked me who I have a crush on, and because she just replied "cool" without missing a beat and went along with her business (she'd only stopped to pump me for information, anyway*), which gave me warm fuzzies. I'm now seriously considering coming out to my friends one at a time just to make sure I prolong the people-are-okay-with-me-not-being-straight warm fuzzies as long as possible.

*Uh oh, naughty mental images of her pumping me for other things. Yes, the itch is still there...

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